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Uber Driver Takes Stranger To Fast Food Job, Returns Hours Later And Says She Bought Her A Dress


What an amazing and selfless act of kindness…

Lamiyah Jabbar is an Uber driver in Buffalo, New York. She recently picked up a woman named Diane who was heading to her job at Tim Hortons, the fast food chain.

Lamiyah and Diane started talking during the ride and began to learn a lot about one another. Diane felt comfortable enough with her friendly Uber driver to open up about her recent financial struggles.

Diane wasn’t having the best day to begin with. She spoke candidly about needing to buy an outfit for church, but she couldn’t afford a new dress or pair of shoes. She takes care of her grandchildren and is barely left with any spending money after paying the necessary bills each month. Diane sighed, telling Lamiyah she would just have to wait to buy any new clothes until the holiday season when sales and discounts abound. Then again, Christmas was still months away.

The very instant that Lamiyah dropped Diane off at Tim Horton’s, there was only one thing on her mind.

Instead of picking up a new passenger, Lamiyah drove over to the mall. She visited store after store, asking women who looked to be about Diane’s size for ideas on what she could buy her new friend.

In the video below, which has since gone viral, Lamiyah films herself driving back to Tim Horton’s and pulling up to the drive-thru — where a very confused Diane is standing behind the window.

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