Twitter Fact-Checking Parodies. also known as Twitter Through History, refers to a series of memes which parody Twitter assigning fact-checking labels to tweets which contain misleading information. The trend gained traction after Twitter applied such warning labels to multiple tweets posted by Donald Trump following the 2020 US Presidential Election.


On November 4th, 2020, following the closing of the polls during the 2020 Unites States Presidential Election and the preliminary results becoming available, the United States president Donald J. Trump posted a tweet in which he claimed that he at that time had a strong lead in the election and that a certain group was attempting to manipulate the results. The tweet was subsequently flagged by Twitter as misleading (shown below, left). More Donald Trump’s tweets containing allegations that the election results were being manipulated were flagged by Twitter in the following days (examples shown below, center and right). On November 7th, CNN reported that Twitter applied warning labels to 37% of Trump’s tweets posted between November 4th and 7th.

Donald J. Trump O @realDonaldTrump · Nov 4 000 We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which won't allow legal observers) the State of Georgia, and the State of North Carolina, each one of which has a BIG Trump lead. Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan if, in fact,. Official sources may not have called the race when this was Tweeted 136.7K 27 135.9K 352.6K Donald J. Trump O @realDonald Trump 000 Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process. Learn more Replying to @realDonaldTrump .there was a large number of secretly dumped ballots as has been widely reported! 9 Learn about US 2020 election security efforts Saeed Jalili Text Blue Font Line

On November 11th, The Donald user lordvon posted a tweet which parodied Twitter assigning the warning labels, applying such label to a fake tweet containing the quote “The British are coming, the British are coming,” misattributed to American silversmith Paul Revere. The tweet received over 7,500 upvotes in one week.

Paul Revere @freedomnliberty The British are coming, the British are coming! ! Learn how British taxes are beneficial for society 1:00 AM · Apr 18, 1775 Text Font Line


On November 12th, 2020, Twitter user @ElonBachman posted the first derivative meme based on the format, a fake tweet by Galileo Galilei. The post received over 3,000 retweets and 10,500 likes in four days (shown below).

GalileoGalilei @GalileoGalilei The earth revolves around the sun! 12:00 PM · May 15, 1615 · Twitter for Stylus ! This claim is disputed by theology experts 2.3K Retweets 18.6K Likes > Text Font Line

On the same day, right wing activist Jack Posobiec reposted lordvon’s post to Twitter, gaining over 6,800 retweets and 25,100 likes in four days. In the thread, Posobiec also reposted @ElonBachman’s post, gaining over 810 retweets and 18,600 likes. Later on the same day, Twitter user @ConceptualJames tweeted another version of the meme, gaining over 3,600 retweets and 19,700 likes (shown below). In the thread, multiple users replied with more variations of the joke.

Ron Paul @RonPaul Wtf are we invading Iraq? There is no proof that Sadam had any involvement in 9/11 or that he has WMD's. 9 Learn more about Saddam Hussein's involvement in 9/11 and WMD's 9:43AM - Oct 13, 2002 · Twitter for Nokia Text Font Line

In the following days, the meme format maintained a significant popularity on Twitter, with users imagining various historic quotes being labeled by Twitter as disputed. On November 13th, 2020, an anonymous 4chan user created a generator for the format, posting a link on /pol/ board and popularizing the meme format on the imageboard.

Various Examples

Poland @Polska Germany is invading me! V This claim is disputed by German experts, learn more. 12:00 PM · Sep 1, 1939 Text Font Product Line Screenshot Harry Potter @realharrypotter 000 He's back! Voldemort's back! This claim about He Who Must Not Be Named is disputed. Learn more about how Hogwarts is safe and secure. 8:34 AM - Nov 12, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone 91.1K Retweets 31K Quote Tweets 272.5K Likes Text Blue Font Line Screenshot GALILEO GALILEI @ItalianAstronomer I'm not gonna lie fam, l've been doing some research, and it turns out the sun is the center of the solar system Learn more about how European experts agree on the Geocentric Model. Trust the science. Listen to the experts 2:00 PM • 1632 A.C. • Twitter from Rome John Legend Text Font
The Titanic @Titanic Worried about potential ice 12:00 PM · Apr 14, 1912 O Learn more about how icebergs are safe > Text Font Blue Line Product Document SOCRATES @YaBoiSocrates I dunno man, I'm beginning to think that maybe the Ruling Elite aren't as wise as they claim to be Learn more about how Socrates is corrupting the youth of Athens 2:00 PM • Circa 399 B.C. Text Font William Wallace @Freeeeddooomm I want a wife, and children, and grow crops, but its all for nothing if you don't have freedom. Learn how Prima Nocte is good for your wife and daughters 12:00 PM · Apr 2, 1298 · Twitter for Android 969 Retweets 5.3K Likes Text Font Line

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