If you’ve ever experienced the joy of flying, then you’ll know what a privilege it is to be made safe and secure by the utterly professional, and ever-competent TSA. Who doesn’t love having their carry-on rummaged through to ensure that the personal liquid limit hasn’t been exceeded?

Isn’t it also awesome when the TSA pats down disabled children? Or when they “randomly select you” with this special stamp code? I mean it’s bad enough that airlines themselves are tying people to wheelchairs with dirty blankets, and now we’ve got to worry about an agency that’s pretty much a waste of money treating us like a bunch of savages.

There have been more than a few studies proving TSA’s effectiveness is minimal at best, and even the TSA admits that some of their practices and procedures are ineffective.

And even though the TSA has a sordid history of beating up cancer patients, they always seem to outdo themselves when it comes to inconsiderate and awful behavior.

Take this traveler who had his mother’s ashes rummaged through by an agent who doesn’t know how to properly close urns.

AJ Francis, a pro football player for the NY Giants, was baffled by the fact that the TSA would need to search an urn containing someone’s ashes in the first place.

What made it even worse was that they ended up spilling all over his suitcase, giving a clear indication on what the TSA’s policies are towards respecting the deceased and their grieving family members.

Something that the TSA tried clarifying in a response to the defensive tackle.

They tweeted at Francis with a formal apology along with a link to file a complaint.

However, Francis didn’t seem too interested in hearing them say they’re “sorry.”

Francis’ original tweet reached a lot of people, many of whom were calling on the TSA for some action.

They wanted some heads to roll for messing with a dead person’s ashes.

For Francis, it wasn’t about getting someone fired—it was about the TSA realizing just how incompetent they are.

Some suggested that Francis should have put his mother’s ashes in a more “secure” container.

An idea that didn’t really sit well with many.

Others pointed out the TSA’s less-than-stellar track record when it comes to keeping travelers safe, and they kind of have a point.

Mostly though, people were just horrified.

And some even pointed out that the TSA’s treatment of his mother’s ashes could be treated as a crime

The TSA attempted to reach out to Francis again to get more context on the issue, probably in an attempt to find out who was responsible for getting his mother’s ashes spilled all over his luggage.

It doesn’t seem like Francis is interested, however. How could you blame him? It’s not going to undo what happened to his mother’s remains.

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