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Toddler Twins Jerron And Joshua Make Sure They Always Deliver Water To Their Favorite Mail Lady


Toddler twins Jerron and Joshua have a daily mission: when the mail lady shows up to make her delivery, the twins rush to their kitchen. There, they retrieve a bottle of water, and they busily scoot back outside so they can give the water to their favorite visitor.

In a video that their dad captured on August 21, you can see the boys cheerfully waiting outside their home for the mail lady. It was Jerron’s turn to deliver the water on that day, which leaves Joshua feeling a little upset. When he tries to go back inside to grab his own bottle of water to gift, their dad patiently points out, “That’s it. She only needs one.” Then he adds, “You’ll take it tomorrow, okay?”

The excitement of delivering the water is too much for Joshua, and he rushes off to join Jerron was he makes his delivery. The twins quickly outstrip their father, who walks behind them to capture the moment that they give the mail lady their water.

Their dad explained, “The Hurtt twins wait every day for the mail lady. Jerron and Joshua get so excited when they hear her truck. The boys run to the fridge to grab her a bottle of water.”

The best part of the video is definitely just following the twins while they’re so excited. Kids are really the best sometimes!

Footage provided by Newsflare

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