In the third installment of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, subtitled Always and Forever, Lara Jean and Peter are in love in their senior year of high school. And what’s a teen high school romance without the imminent threat of college tearing the lovebirds apart? (It doesn’t exist.) Lara Jean and Peter both apply to their dream school, University of Virginia, and while Peter gets in on an athletic scholarship, Lara Jean gets rejected.

The plot takes off from there as Lara Jean and Peter’s impending separation looms ahead. Lara Jean is put on the waitlist of University of North Carolina, but gets into William & Mary, which is pretty close to UVA. Peter gets Lara Jean excited about going to W&M, when she can visit him at UVA every weekend, and eventually transfer, but once she’s taken off the waitlist at UNC, that all changes.

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