Who would you freak out about meeting at work? Try to think of the most famous, cool, interesting person you’ve ever met, you’re number one star. How would you react? What would you do? Would you lose your chill and tell everybody on the planet they were there?

Okay, now imagine you’re finding out Tom Brady is coming into your place of business. 

A 19-year-old name Sarah Ananian basically reacted to Brady having reservations at her restaurant like it was the moment she’s been waiting for her entire life. Personally, I can’t imagine getting excited about meeting him, but on a slow night, it would certainly liven up the place.

According to Buzzfeed, Sarah is a waitress at a restaurant called the Wellington in Belmont, Massachusetts. It’s kind of well-known, so it’s not unheard of that a player for the New England Patriots might come there for dinner.

But when she saw Brady’s name in the reservations, she asked her manager to confirm. Could this be true?! He told her yes. And she told everybody on Snapchat.

And her sister spread it further.

But it turns out, it was all a test, which she miserably failed. The whole staff heard about Brady from Ananian, and soon after, people began gathering outside the restaurant waiting to catch a glimpse of their hero.

Eventually, the manager had to shoo the onlookers away and tell the staff in an emergency meeting it was all a joke.

But it turns out Ananian didn’t learn her lesson, because soon she was tweeting about it.

Her story went quickly viral, but a lot of people didn’t believe it:

But she insists it’s true—and she hasn’t been fired! Yet.

As a lot of people pointed out, she kinda did the restaurant a solid.

Buzzfeed reached out to confirm and get her story.

“Obviously freaking out, my first thought was to let the entire staff know,” Anian told them. “Of course, [this] made the news spread like wildfire, especially in a town like Belmont where word travels fast anyway.”

She says that once she posted to Snapchat, “a small crowd of teenage boys started to form outside across the street eating pizza.” Very casual, boys.

“That’s when I started to worry it would get big,” Ananian said. “Another handful of locals showed up in the back.”

But has she learned anything?

“I realized I probably should’ve kept the reservation to myself,” she admitted. Good call. Now Tom Brady is never coming to The Wellington.

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