America’s more politically divided than ever, despite Trump’s promises to be a unifying president during his campaign trail and right up to his inauguration into the Oval Office.

A lot of that political divide has to do with racism and the reaction to that racism. Discussions about police brutality against non-white citizens and protesting that brutality, turns into a conversation about being patriotic or not. Trump’s travel ban fiasco leaves out citizens from countries that actually committed acts of terrorism on U.S. soil.

Then there’s the spreading of anti-immigrant, fake news propaganda in Europe, retweeted by our own president nonetheless, so it’s easy to see why the “US versus THEM” mentality is becoming more and more inflated in this country.

Although it’s insane to think that today in America there’d actually be a sizable demographic of not only Nazis, but Nazi supporters, and Nazis running for public office, but that’s reality. There are obviously a lot of people who are utterly flabbergasted that such clearly hateful ideology is being protected and supported in the USA, so there’s a lot of push against this disgusting racism.

Unfortunately, though, that leads to race-baiting, and jumping to conclusions whenever someone sees something that appears to be unjust. Which is unfortunately what seemingly happened when the NBA tweeted out this touching photo of Santa Fe students who were given free Houstin Rockets tickets after suffering a school shooting massacre that killed 10 of their peers.

In the photo, people noticed that all of the white students were holding hands, while the only black girl in the shot was standing, deep in thought, not holding anyone else’s hand.

Which some people were quick to call “racism” on.

The thing about the social media accounts is that pretty much anyone can have one if they want. And if you write something about someone that gets a lot of shares, then it’s bound to catch the attention of a person who knows the subject personally.

In the case of this “black girl” in the photo, her mother found the tweet and resoundingly told the person in question to mind their business because they had no idea what they were talking about.

You’d figure that would be the end of the debate right there, that this woman’s mother went on Twitter and pointed out that her daughter’s friends aren’t racist because, you know, she lives and interacts with these people on a daily basis. Apologies should be doled out, people should say sorry for jumping the gun, case closed.

But what if I told you that there are some people, who, despite being shown and told the contrary, will constantly try to confirm their own preconceived notions? Somehow, the conversation continued, and people began questioning the girl’s mom about the nature of her daughter’s friendships.

And the mom gave a response so personal that, if I heard it after asking such a question, I’d feel embarrassed.

As it turns out, she wasn’t holding her friends’ hands because she didn’t want to start bawling in a stadium full of people. She did just suffer through a school shooting, you know.

And just when you thought Twitter couldn’t get any worse, someone actually asked her to prove that the little girl in the photo is actually her daughter.

So she obliged, not without a bit of sass, of course.

And then, in the ultimate act of pettiness, someone still wanted to stick it to the girl’s mom and find something to complain about.

Others questioned whether or not white parents could explain to a black daughter what racism is.

But the thing is, when you’re fundamentally right in an argument, you don’t need to try hard to burn the other person.

Finally, her daughter came on Twitter herself to let those who were originally in an uproar over the photo were wrong.

There were some who pointed out that the original image was cropped and didn’t include two other white students who weren’t holding hands either.

It’s right on the NBA’s website.

Despite those who didn’t want to drop the “racism” argument, there were several people in the comments who pointed out the obvious race-baiting.

And others were there to support Mama Bear and her family.

Including other parents who raised kids of a different ethnicity from their own.

It’s no secret that racism is an enormous and growing problem in America, but maybe it’s best to not make mountains of mole-hills like a cropped NBA photo and just admit when we’re wrong about something and someone. Especially when that someone is obviously not racist.

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