Do you remember the first time as a kid when you consciously exercised? Mostly kids just run and scream and push each other around for no reason, or because it’s soccer practice, but at a certain point you become aware that people are moving their body for a reason and you could too. I remember my first “run” and it was horrible! And that’s just what Twitter user Sirena Salazar’s little sister discovered on her first run.

Salazar shared the Snapchat journey of her sis going on her first deliberate run ever, and it’s quite a journey.

First, she had to stretch:

She really stretched a lot:

Then the run began, and it was truly terrible immediately, as it always is:

Like, Salazar’s sister was sure her heart was “crying,” which is the perfect description of how your chest feels the first time you go for a jog. 

I feel like I went on that run with her.

And I definitely understand why she needed to unwind afterwards, wrapped up like a little burrito:

Everybody found her journey pretty relatable:

A few people want Salazar to push her to keep trying, because they mistakenly believe running is great:

Even though it makes her heart cry!

One person shared their own sister’s discovery of how much running sucks:

But they all agreed, Salazar’s sister is a real cutie:

You don’t need to run, honey, you’re perfect. Also, swimming is better for your knees!

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