Twitter user @_cartier_r, or Carti, posted pictures from his send off party following his acceptance to Duke University. There are two images: one of the group of six kids and their Duke sign, one of how that picture looks cropped in promotional materials for the school. You can see Carti in the first image on the far right. In the other version, you can’t see him at all. Carti turned to Twitter to ask if he should be upset about this.

Here’s the full pic:

And the cropped version, with some nice words about the Duke community.

And to clarify, Carti was there for the whole photo shoot, so that isn’t some random pic he was in the bathroom for.

The resounding answer from Twitter, is hell yes he should be offended.

It’s probably a relief to Carti to know he’s not overreacting, though there were a few people who suggested the issue was aesthetics, not racism. He responded by saying he wasn’t necessarily accusing Duke of racism. But it really doesn’t look good.

Also, let’s look at that pic again. He is not standing randomly to the side! He’s closer to the sign than the guy on the far left.

It seems like the incident is making Carti wonder if he should even go to Duke.

Whatever motivated the crop, people are shocked that Duke would be so foolish about how something like this would look. They’ve forgotten social media exists, I guess?

Carti retweeted this message, which indicates that the alumni association is the real culprit in this choice, not the admissions office. Not that that makes it better, but might influence his decision to attend Duke.

Though a lot of people say he should definitely go—if they’re willing to make it up to him.

If you mess up like this, you pay and pay and pay.

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