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This Instant Pot Cooking Blender Makes The Absolutely Best Smoothies, And It’s On Sale


Saying that you need to lose weight in 2020 is a bad resolution. Trying to get healthier, however, is much better — and very simple. One of the most fun ways to add fruit to your diet is in smoothie form. But a daily smoothie while you’re out and about can be expensive. Plus, there’s a lot of added sugar in there.

Why not make your own at home? All you need is a great blender — and a cup so that you can drink it on the go, if you choose to do so. This Instant Pot Ace 60 Cooking Blender is a great choice. What makes it different? Well, it functions in other ways as well, meaning that when you get tired of smoothies (if that day comes), you can also use it for blending and heating up your soups, purees, and sauces.

Better yet, it’s on sale. Walmart typically sells it for $99, but for a very short time, this blender is selling for $44.96. It’s almost like Walmart is giving it away. The cooking blender currently has an average of four stars on Walmart, and people are raving about how versatile it is.

“This is an amazing blender,” one reviewer states. “Made some fabulous Indian Tomato Soup, with lots of spices and cooked to smooth steaming perfection in 22 minutes right in the Ace Blender. Couldn’t be happier with this new kitchen machine. There is nothing else like it. A heating element allows it to actually cook raw ingredients. Not like other blenders that just use friction to warm stuff up. This thing really Steams! High quality and powerful.”

If you buy one kitchen appliance this year, this should be it. It’ll make healthier eating a lot easier and much less expensive. Buy it now for $44.96, while the sale is still going.

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