Couples support one another in all their positive endeavors, and married couple Zach and Stephanie are no exception. Stephanie recently ran a 5k and won her division. That’s no easy feat. As a devoted husband, Zach posted a loving tribute to her accomplishment on Instagram.

In the caption, he wrote:

“Not only has Stephanie had to take care my broken self, but she has also continued to work full time, take care of our children, oh and also WIN her division in a 5k this past weekend. I’m so proud of her, and so thankful. You the real MVP”

So nice! But there was one pic in the series not quite like the others.

Zach was so taken with the image of his wife running in agony, he decided to make a whole photo series of her running away from nightmarish scenarios, posting them all to Reddit.

She’s escaping Voldemort:

Running for her life in Jurassic Park:

Escaping with BB-8 and Finn:

Running from Godzilla:



And taking Tom Hanks’ place in Forrest Gump:

She even went to Pamploma:

Incredible wife troll. You memed her so good!

And that meme was quickly incepted by another meme:

Reddit users wanted to know how pissed Stephanie would be about this on a scale of 1 to “you’re sleeping on the porch.”

It turns out they were actually in it together:

Things got carried away because Zach has some time on his hands as he recovers from ACL surgery. Also because it’s so fun:

These two really do support one another in sickness, health, and unflattering but hilarious photos taken mid-sprint:

Love wins the race every time.

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