Illustrator and writer Austin Light is having fun with stock photos, a classic internet pastime. There are plenty of sensible, useful, and accurate stock photos out there, though I have personally never seen any. Light picks the weirdest ones, then adds an illustration to try and make sense of it. The results are mixed in terms of making sense, but they definitely look very cool.

Like this one of a girl getting her online shopping free shut down by an octopus step dad. Who wouldn’t be mad that their mom married someone with eight arms?

Here’s a stock photo with a llama meeting a handsome man at the airport. Or was it on the plane? Either way, the most unbelievable thing about this is how refreshed that guy looks after flying.

Put that baby in the trees on a giraffe, because that actually makes more sense than throwing a baby:

Every chef deserves their own Ratatouille moment:

All the jumping Instagram photos finally make sense:

“Um, occupied??”

Love hanging with friends, but don’t split the bar tab evenly with a camel.

Some of these are truly insane without an anthropomorphic animal being thrown in:

This old man feeding a burger to a gator makes me want to call my grandpa:

This one makes me want to call my creepy uncle who everyone is worried about:

Oh look, the perfect Air Bud sequel:

This is only remarkable because of how sad she looks to be eating ice cream. I’ve never felt that emotion about ice cream, and I never want to.

Is Jaws the cast member he means, or the guy who seems to be trying to make out with Jaws?

Once again, the people in this photo are much weirder than the animal:

But this is a scene that anyone with a cat can relate to:

Cats are always trying to kill you while you’re doing household chores!

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