When this guy was navigating the weird and wild world of online dating, he decided to get a bit weird and wild himself.

Endlessly messaging your Tinder matches the same banal comments and having the same conversation over and over again can get tiresome, so he decided to have a bit of fun.

By messaging the woman he matched with entirely in Smash Mouth song lyrics to see how she’d respond.

From the first back-and-forth, I get it if our friend Suma here doesn’t know what’s going on. But if you’ve seen at least one Smash Mouth meme or caught wind of the internet’s comical obsession with the band, then you’d know the deal immediately.

But as the conversation goes on and on, you begin to realize something about Suma.

Either she’s so excited about her Tinder match that she’s totally invested in what he’s saying and wants to respond appropriately…

…Or she has never, ever, ever heard the song “All Star” by Smash Mouth.

Which is kind of impossible to believe. I mean, there’s an entire YouTube channel created by Jon Sundano that’s dedicated to singing the lyrics to “All Star” to other songs’ melodies.

And then there’s also the fact that “All Star,” thanks to the Shrek films, has become the unofficial anthem of the internet. 

I mean the guy even drops the “you’re an all star” line and she has no idea what he’s talking about. How could she not know what this song is? Are we to believe that Suma has no insight into the insane world of internet humor?

Does she even know what memes are?

At this point in the conversation it almost seems like the guy trolling the woman feels a bit bad. He keeps the song lyrics going, but he strays just a little to pivot in their discourse.

Still, she keeps responding to them normally, bless her heart.

It’s at this point that the joke may have revealed something to us: “All Star” was actually written for Suma all along.

The lyrics speak to her on such a personal level that she’s able to connect it to her own life in a meaningful way.

She even tells a joke herself before he ultimately drops a bomb on her.

He finally lets her in on the joke that went on for an unbelievably long time, but the most disappointing thing is that he doesn’t post her response to the big reveal.

Which is a big disappointment. Let’s just hope that she didn’t view his game as a love attack and sees it instead as the kind-hearted joke it is. Because when it comes to people with honest senses of humor, supplies are running out.

All right well that’s about all the effort I’ll be putting into any Smash-Mouthing myself.

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