Skincare has gone so far beyond slapping some moisturizer on your cheeks when you get out of the shower. There is now a serum, cream, and buffer for every inch of the human face, and you better learn how to use all of them. Personally, I find my skincare routine relaxing. It’s nice to come home, wash up, and then gently rub my visage in front of the mirror. But sometimes, it’s a lot to do before passing out.

Twitter user Shanika Silverio has a pretty large following, and is a bit famous for being a pilot with style. She often shares pics of her adventures in the sky and around the world, but a recent post about what goes on at home has gone viral for perfectly personifying Couple Goals. She shared pics that her boyfriend took as he did her skincare routine for her when she was “dead.” Too tired to apply creams, her man took over. That’s love.

He even remembered to use toner first:

He applied eye cream before the moisturizer, which means he was taught well:

It should go on last, if you didn’t know.

He also took care of her feet!

If you don’t have time for your face before passing out, you definitely don’t have time for your toes.

But he doesn’t look thrilled about it:

Silverio just wanted the world to know how great her man is:

But it worked a little too well, because the Internet is in love with him:

Though she is now beating back thirsty Twitter followers, she wanted him to get the recognition he deserves:

These two really do seem perfect for each other:

And they’re making other people raise the bar in their relationships. If someone isn’t toning your cheekbones, do they really love you?

At the very least, they should be helping you pick out your nail polish.

This guy really can do everything.

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