The worst part about life is that it ultimately ends. We all want that day to be as far as possible from all of us, which is why it’s always especially tragic when someone young passes away.

Sadly, Carter Brown’s parents had to endure that tragedy when they learned their 19-year-old son was involved in a fatal car crash.

He was driving from Indiana State University back to his hometown in Pennyslavania to surprise his girlfriend, Kaylee Sauders, a month before her senior prom.

Kaylee, along with Carter’s family were devastated by the news. How does one react to the sudden loss of somebody, especially a person you were in love with?

Understandably, Kaylee wasn’t interested in attending her senior prom, but Carter’s father didn’t want her to miss such an important moment in her life. So he came up with a brilliant idea.

Carter’s father asked Kaylee if he could take her to the prom so they could both honor the memory of Carter and so she wouldn’t have to miss her special day.

She immediately accepted, and the whole thing was incredibly touching.

“I didn’t have to think about it. I definitely said ‘yes’,” Kaylee told the Centre Daily Times.

Kaylee went on to say that if it wasn’t for Carter’s dad making the suggestion, she would’ve never thought to attend prom. 

“It meant a lot that he kind of stepped up and took the role, because it was my senior prom and I didn’t want to go any more,” she said.

Carter’s father made sure that Kaylee got a full pre-prom photoshoot experience as well. He started it off by rolling up in his car to pick her up.

For them to have something to smile and laugh about under the circumstances is amazing.

They got all of the prom poses down pat: you’ve got the car shots.

Along with the obligatory ridiculous stances.

When the photographer says, “let’s do a silly one” you want to roll your eyes, but come on, it’s basically a prom tradition.

Carter’s mother, Kelly O’Neil, shared the photos on her Facebook account with a funny and touching message.

She’s super proud of her husband and was struck by the beautiful gesture he came up with to both honor their son and ensure Kaylee got to attend her senior prom.

“He’s truly amazing, he is a gift. Carter was in college. He wasn’t super excited about going to a high school prom, but he was excited about doing that for Kaylee. … Rob didn’t like the idea of Kaylee not getting that.”

Carter’s father was basically making good on a promise that his son made to Kaylee, and the idea of a father doing that for his son, so soon after his passing, is enough to make you think people are chopping onions in the room. 

When Kaylee arrived at prom with Carter’s dad, everyone thought it was a beautiful gesture.

The Browns, unfortunately, have dealt with a lot of tragedy as of late.

Just seven months prior, in September 2017, their oldest son, Christopher Brown, passed away at just 23 years old.

“We lost Chris in September. Seven months apart, it’s an awful lot. This gave us something to be excited about. So that was also kind of a gift to have something fun to look forward to. It was big deal for all of us.”

For Kaylee and the Brown family, her senior prom was an event to get excited about after such terrible losses.

We can’t control what happens in our lives for the most part, but we can control our reactions. And this was a heck of a good one.

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