Dominique Robinson is a model with a fairly large social media following. She also gorgeous! Robinson probably gets lots of stares on the street, but she recently posted a selfie where a man was caught in the background, appearing to be checking her out at the crosswalk:

People could relate. Who wouldn’t look?

The picture got included in a popular meme of white men looking at black women like they want to “risk it all.”

So the picture of Robinson and the mystery man was disseminated far and wide.

And then his daughter Alex saw it:

Luckily, she seems to find the whole thing pretty funny, and her mom does, too:

Though she is groaning about it a little:

Robinson even found the tweet from Alex, who apologized to her for her dad being a creeper:

One thing that Alex mentioned is that her dad is blind in one eye. So, it’s possible he wasn’t looking at Robinson at all, but who knows.

It’s still pretty funny.

And Robinson has caught some heat, because people think she’s mocking his disability, but she insists that wasn’t her intention:

Honestly, if he has one good eye, he probably looked!

Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

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