Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but also I think we can objectively agree that most famous pop stars are gorgeous? That’s like, a prerequisite of the job. They’re also usually young, well-dressed, styled within an inch of their lives, and have a professional makeup artist touching up that perfect every time they leave the house.

Let’s look at Selena Gomez for example. Gorgeous!

There are many different ways to be beautiful, but I’d say Gomez is one absolutely iconic example. 

A few days ago, fashion Instagram account The Cat Walk Italia did a little tribute to Gomez’s style and loveliness, particularly when she does a daring red look. Lady in Red, all the way:

This is the kind of thing fashion Instagram’s do all the time and wouldn’t be particularly notable, except a famous fashion personality decided to jump on and voice his opinion in the comments.

Stefano Gabbana is one half of the founders of Dolce & Gabbana, and he kind of has a reputation for being a big jerk, especially to women.

Buzzfeed reports that he has a habit of commenting on women’s photos on Instagram with insulting remarks, like when he downvoted Victoria Beckham for some reason, after she appeared on Vogue Brasil’s IG:

He’s also commented on Cat Walk Italia before, like on this photo of Kate Moss:

He also posted this image that showed Lady Gaga’s stomach during her Superbowl performance, with what many took to be a sarcastic caption:

He wrote, “#real I know it’s strange, but finally something real not retouched! The truth, reality. Yesterday I critcized it too, but I though about it and I was wrong!!! #real

This was taken to be a “joke,” and Gabbana was accused of body-shaming. Given his reputation, that’s not a bad bet. 

But he may have overstepped by coming for Selena Gomez. On the photo of her in those beautiful reds, Gabbana commented that she was ugly, saying, “È proprio brutta!!!”

Which translates as, “She’s so ugly!!!”

According to Buzzfeed, the phrase could also mean, “It is really ugly,” if we want to split hairs about Gabbana’s meaning, but it doesn’t look great either way.

Fans have reacted with a lot of anger towards Gabbana, wondering where he gets off saying Gomez is ugly. 

What do you think?

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