School administrators aren’t really known for being the hardest working people in their respective buildings.

While teachers are dealing head-on with problematic students, staying after class and paying for school supplies out of their own pockets, administrators have a reputation for being kind of “hands-off” when it comes to doing the dirty work in a school.

Although this isn’t the case for all school principals, there’s definitely a growing trend of young, Ivy League school graduates coming into districts without a lick of actual teaching experience. Just a handful of certifications and an inability to connect with their staff or garner any respect.

This awesome Texas principal, however, isn’t one of those “untouchable” school administrators. And she proved it on a busy breakfast morning when her school’s cafeteria was short-staffed.

Some 400 students were lined up for breakfast at Mead Elementary School in San Antonio when Annette Lopez discovered that the breakfast lines were reduced to one measly queue. So she slapped on a hair net, an apron, and some gloves and went to work.

“When you serve that many students, there is no way that one line is just going to do it. I loved it and the kids had fun, (and) one of the kids said, ‘Hey, I know you,’ and I said, “Yes, I’m the principal,” Lopez said in an interview with local news outlet KSAT

The kids were delighted to see their principal serving them their morning meal, and once word got out to the teachers about Lopez’s good deed, they whipped out their phones and began snapping pictures of their principal in action.

“The kids loved it. They were like, ‘Ms. Lopez, I didn’t know you were a cafeteria lady, too.’ And so I kept telling them, ‘You know, principals do whatever it takes. It got around to the teachers, and that’s when they started taking pictures.” 

Like a true educator, Lopez turned the moment into a teachable one.

“They kept saying, ‘But, you’re the principal.’ And I kept saying, ‘It doesn’t matter what your job title is, if someone needs help, then you do it,'”  Lopez responded.

People online were struck by Lopez’s willingness to help in any situation.

They even started sharing instances of other awesome educators who went above and beyond the call of duty.

When it comes to serving your community’s children, you’re going to be expected to do some things outside of your particular job description.

The same goes for most jobs – if you’re industrious and want things to get done, then how can you not be an asset?

Or deciding to go that extra mile to make your job that much more special to you and those around you – who isn’t going to admire that?

Just look at the reputation you build up for yourself as a result if you do – just make sure you’re getting the respect for it that you deserve and people don’t take advantage of you so much that you’re getting burnt out and neglecting your other job duties.

That same kind of positive attitude extends to your students and those who look up to you. They’ll want to follow the good example you set.

In turn, they’ll make other people feel awesome for taking the time to do something wholesome, which gets a bad rap these days.

Sure, it might be “corny”, to make someone feel good about doing a good job, but only jaded losers think like that. Annette Lopez and other educators like her deserve a resounding head nod.

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