Twitter user @transscribe, or Katelyn Burns, has enthralled the Internet with her story of apartment drama, because the only thing that helps us forget our own annoying neighbors for a minute is reading about other people’s annoying neighbors. Apparently, someone in her building has been parking their bike in the hallway, impeding traffic and blocking doors, and people are PISSED.

As you can see, it’s in an inconvenient spot:

And someone decided to complain about it in a very nicely handwritten letter, giving the owner a 48-hour deadline for when the bike would go in the trash:

Burns insists that she is not the one who wrote the note, though she basically agrees with the sentiment:

She hates the bike, too! And she can’t wait to see what happens to it.

Burns kept everyone updated as the deadline approached. It stayed for awhile, still being a nuisance.

But then, someone trashed it, before the deadline!

She was shocked, and even more curious.

The bike sat next to the dumpster, though it’s days before the garbage man comes around to collect.

And everyone is technically breaking the rules:

Everywhere she went, the bike haunted her, leaving bits and pieces of itself:

Eventually, one follower offered the obvious explanation—the bike is no ones.

Sadly, Burns agrees, which means the drama may be over.

But what the people want to know is how has no one stolen this stupid bike yet?

Ah. Maine. So that’s why she’s enthralled by a bike.

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