Working in the service industry can be infuriating. The pay isn’t that great. You get your share of awful customers, who, unfortunately, are always “right” even when they’re not.

So you have to relish in the little things as consolation. Cool coworkers. The awesome regular who brightens your day and the little extra bit of gratuity you get when you go the extra mile for a customer.

A full tip jar at the end of a shift can ease the pain of a tough day, if for just a little bit.

Now it’s common sense that if you’re working in a spot where there’s a tip jar, that the workers aren’t really raking in all that much coin and could use every dollar they get.

If you feel that way, you may want to take a deep breath before reading what a person reportedly did when she went into the small, family business that belongs to the parents of this Twitter user.

Gina posted security camera footage of a girl grabbing the tip jar while a teenage employee helped another customer.

Look at her, thinking she’s slick, as if cameras and righteous indignation don’t exist.

Gina put out the APB hoping peeps on the internet would join forces and track down the girls so she could confront them about stealing money from teens.

Immediately, the internet showed their support for Gina’s family’s business and the workers there.

The internet, being generally great at these kinds of things, didn’t take long to find who many believed was guilty of the act.

She’s listed as a “public figure” on Instagram in a now-deleted account, but people managed to nab some screenshots of the alleged tip-snatcher.

People even managed to grab an image allegedly from her friend’s Snapchat story featuring the jar after the deed was done.

If tipping makes you attractive, as this jar denotes, what does it say about you if you steal it?

Gina reached out to the girl, informing her that they have her on camera stealing the tip jar, but that they wouldn’t press charges as long as she performed community service.

But the alleged thief wasn’t having it and opted to go the F-U route.

The girl’s brother reached out to Gina in a private message asking she please take the video down as he didn’t want a member of his family’s reputation to be tarnished.

But at this point, it doesn’t look like Gina is going to give up, especially because she gave the girl a chance to come clean with a relatively easy way out.

And of course Twitter wasted no time hunting them down.  They even found her old cheerleading squad and hit them up. 

What do you think about all of this?

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