You ever show up to a party with your best friend and you guys end up wearing the same exact outfits?

I personally love when that happens, but then again, it’s way easier when it comes to a lot of my friends, because black T-shirts and dark blue pants are basically our unofficial uniforms for whatever reason. (Pssst, the reason is laziness).

Now it’s one thing to copy the same outfit as a human being, which you may or may not be so happy to discover, but it’s another thing to entirely to find out that you jacked your swagger from an inanimate object.

Like, I don’t know, your office’s carpet?

Journalist Ilona Burton says she was “mortified” when she came to work and noticed that her dress was basically crafted by the same designer who came up with her office’s carpet layout. Despite her claim, she seems to be tickled pink by the coincidence.

Turns out other people have done the same exact thing. Well, for Sharon Horgan, she happened to look like the floor at a bar she was visiting.

Hopefully she doesn’t get too tipsy and slump the ground, otherwise, no one will find her.

Others blended right into the wallpaper of their AirBnBs thanks to the help of a trusty throw blanket.

It happens a heck of a lot more than you would think.

I mean these socks are basically invisible!

And this two-tone outfit job?

Catching the attention of a waiter when you’re basically camouflaging with the table can be difficult.

Who knew that furniture and clothing designers had such similar tastes in fabric?

Office coffee mug meets cute work attire.

That black and white squiggly line design is put on everything these days, isn’t it?

Convince everyone that your feet are a part of your couch!

If this woman is trying to hide from her boss, then she doesn’t have to try too hard.

All she needs to do is stand in front of a pillar and bam – she’s basically Solid Snake.

These women can take a break from working pretty much anytime they want as long as they’re rocking these dresses.

There’s just so much blending in to be done.

Burton’s tweet also brought about a very important question about the ubiquitous nature of a specific pattern design.

Seriously, a lot of office spaces seem to have that same, staggered, multi-colored muted line design.

Which got people thinking of a lot of possibilities. Well, the only possibility, really.

Burton’s original post also inspired some clever photoshops.

You say Joy Division, I say Arctic Monkey’s “AM.”

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