Mondays are hard. Getting up for work or schoool following an extra long weekend or vacation is even harder. Luckily, no matter how much your Monday sucks, there are memes guaranteed to make the beginning of the week more bearable. 

Is it a rainy Monday? There is a meme for that. Can’t believe it’s Monday already and want all your social media followers to relate? We got you covered. Heading to the gym Monday morning and already dreading it? There is a meme for that too. Seriously, thanks to the internet you can express your Monday blues and possibly spread some laughter all at the same time. 

By the time you scroll through our roundup of funny Monday memes, you’ll realize Monday is not really that bad — but it’s still definitely not Friday. 

You could probably find an Office meme for every day of the week, but if Monday were a person, it would be Michael Scott. 

We now know exactly how Miss Colombia felt at the 2016 Miss Universe pageant. 

Why is it so much easier to wake up early on a Saturday? Seriously, we need answers. 

Channel your inner Tyra Banks to get out of that 10 a.m. conference call. 

How is it Monday already? 

Monday mornings and happiness only go together when it’s a three-day weekend. 

Monday has us questioning all our life choices. 

On Mondays, sweatpants-wearing George Constanza is our spirit animal. For a show about nothing, Seinfeld is still delivering the memes years later. 

If Amazon can deliver packages to our car, we KNOW that they can make Alexa clock in for us too. 

Make. It. Stop. 

Monday, Mona’s often overlooked little sister. 

The face you make when you are trying to keep it together, but dying on the inside. 

The Sunday scaries are real. 

There is a special place in hell for bosses who schedule Monday meetings at 9 a.m. 

Carrot Top is literally Monday in human form. You’re welcome. 

That eye roll tho. 

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