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These 2 Cats Keep Trying To Sneak Into A Museum, But They’re Thwarted By Security Every Time


Two years ago in Hiroshima, Japan, the Onomichi City Museum of Art debuted a show called “Cats — Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition.” A few days after the show opened, a highly unusual but oddly appropriate visitor arrived: a black cat.

The small black cat tried to go into the museum, presumably to see the art that was obviously right up his alley. But a security guard spotted the cat and turned him away before he could gain entry.

Amazingly enough, the saga does not end there. The black cat, Ken Chan, returned again months later, and he started bringing along his orange friend, Go-Chan. Each time Ken Chan and Go-Chan turn up at the museum’s doors, they are thwarted by security. But they never give up!

This has now been going on for two years. TWO YEARS. Perhaps not surprisingly, Ken Chan and Go-Chan are now an internet sensation. These cats just want to see some art!

If anyone wants to start a petition to let the cats into the museum, I’ll definitely sign it.

Source : https://www.littlethings.com/cats-museum-security/