The marriage of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds is a beacon of hope for us single people: there is someone out there for everyone, even two people who just want to unmercifully taunt their spouse on a public forum. It seems like every week one is trolling the other on Twitter or Instagram, or renouncing their marriage. How do they find the time to constantly clown each other when they’re also incredibly successful?

The latest entry of this inspirational love affair is definitely related to their success; Blake Lively recently deleted all her Instagram pictures as part of a promotional stunt for her new film, A Simple Favor, which alarmed fans. She unfollowed Reynolds as part of it and folks were worried that all the jokey public arguments had gotten too real.

Lively is still promoting the movie on social media, sharing the film’s trailer in which she asks about a “secret.”

Hmm, looks intriguing. What is the secret?!

It seems like even her husband wants to know:

Maybe Lively will tell Reynolds what the secret is over breakfast, but on twitter she was not having it. In fact, she burned him pretty hard, for all the world to see:

Ouch! Is this too much?


If it really does seem like too much, remember that Lively and Reynolds have been working on their repartee for a long time.

Like remember that time they joked about cheating on Instagram:

On that pic of Reynolds using an imaginary phone, Lively commented that he was using a dating app, which she needed since Ashley Madison had shut down:

But everyone knows it’s fake:


Let’s assume so, and see this banter as a friendly competition between soulmates. And in the “secret” round, Lively has definitely come out on top according to fans.

Love is always winning.

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