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The National Guitarist Aaron Dessner Denies He Is An Antifa Organizer


In one of the weirdest stories to come out of the George Floyd Protests, conspiracy theorists believe they’ve identified an Antifa agitator in Columbus, Ohio as Aaron Dessner, guitarist for the popular indie-rock group The National.

The rumor started circulating when a video began circulating of a bearded man telling protestors “there’s more stuff… there’s three picnic tables up here” among other unintelligible words. The video began spreading when right-wing personalities began saying the video showed an “Antifa organizer” paying black people to riot.

Twitter users then shared tweets claiming the man in the video was Dessner, and the story spiraled from there.

Dessner posted to social media that he is quarantining with his family in upstate New York and hasn’t been in Ohio in a year. He also stated that he does not condone violence and supports peaceful protests against endemic racism.

Furthermore, the lawyer for the man in the circulating video, Taylor Waters, says the man was trying to gather supplies for those hurt by police violence.

“The poster removed the portion of the video which clearly demonstrates a request for supplies. My client was not inciting violence, my client was seeking supplies to help people who had been injured by police officers,” Waters told NBC4 News. “He did not pay anyone to cause property damage, break any law, or otherwise cause civil unrest.”

While conspiracy theorists continue to dog Dessner on social media, fans of his band The National, famous for its mopey songs about middle-class white male ennui, were more amused at the idea the band was actually radical anarchists.

Source: https://news.knowyourmeme.com/news/the-national-guitarist-aaron-dessner-denies-he-is-an-antifa-organizer