Ahh, summertime… Arguably the season with the best weather, fashion and office perks (Summer Fridays, anyone?)

And while it’s the perfect time to suntan and ocean-bathe, there’s no better sidekick to bring along than your favorite libation to help you stave off the summer heat. 

When it comes to taste, you know what they say: to each their own. Here are some of the craziest, strangest, most decadent and elaborate drinks to inspire your beverage choice this season. 

The Bold.

Let’s start off with the biggest, most ostentatious and filling cocktails and mocktails known to man. Hope you’re thirsty.

1. These humungous mojitos and daquiris.

2. This kind of drinkable breakfast.

3. These insanely elaborate lemonades.

4. Or these Bloody Mary’s that are caloric enough to feed a village.

5. Definitely save room for dessert.

The Brave.

These next drinks are not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. From wildly exotic to hands-down disgusting, see which of these you think you could keep down. 

6. I’ll have a rodent rosé, s’il vous plait.

7. Perhaps you’d prefer this chili pepper wine.

8. Oyster mushrooms: yum. Beer: yum. Oyster mushroom beer? ehh…

9. ACTUAL oyster beer?

10. It’s not hardcore unless the creature is IN the drink, some say.

11. Ditch that rum and coke for a rum and cobra.

12. Or a scorpion vodka! Available in several sizes.

13. This tapeworm shot might become the next diet fad.

14. And next time you make a bet, have the loser drink this mayonnaise-y jaeger “Smoker’s Cough.”

The Beautiful.

If you made it through those tummy-turning libations, you deserve to feast your eyes on these gorgeous craft cocktails.

15. Like this boozy beverage, inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

16. Or this Japanese bar serving these cotton candy igloos.

17. While we’re on the subject of cotton candy, look at this gorgeous golden infusion.

18. And these floral springtime martinis.

19. And finally these gorgeous non-martini beautiful flowery arrangements.

Now you’ve got your summer bar order. Cheers!

Source : http://www.distractify.com/humor/2018/06/01/10GtmJ/crazy-drinks