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The letter of a young, exhausted mother


Do you mind that moment when everyone is eager to relax? Well, I do not. As soon as I’m back this week and say it’s not like work. At least here it is sitting in the chair and it does not bother me all day long as during the holidays.
Holidays were said, because I did not spend two minutes alone. I have two children, three year old daughter and ten son. We went to a resort in Turkey along with two other couples of friends, one with one child a year old and another couple with two boys, seven and five years old. We had done so many plans, how much we would have enjoyed the six, the conversations we would do, the dinner we would all eat together … Fixed as in the photos of the catalog. But it was not said: with other couples we only met at the airport and on the plane, because all the ten days were all after the children. They had lunch with their one-year-old daughter fast and fast, while the other had the little one who had begun walking and did not get tired of dropping around the yard and the pool with one of the parents leaning over it.