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The “flagship killer” is all grown up


OnePlus is all grown up.

After years of walking in the shadows of Apple and Samsung, the Chinese phone maker is stepping into the light and forging a new path with its new Android smartphone, the OnePlus 7 Pro.

There’s plenty to like about the OnePlus 7 Pro. With a premium glass and metal design, a sharper notch-free display, a pop-up selfie camera, a faster and more responsive in-display fingerprint sensor, and a triple-camera system on the rear, the OnePlus 7 Pro has more than enough going for it to earn its “pro” name.

But raising the bar now comes at a much higher cost. Whereas the previous OnePlus 6T started at $549 when it launched, the OnePlus 7 Pro starts at $669.

Don’t get me wrong: The OnePlus 7 Pro’s still a stellar deal when you pit it against phones with similar displays and camera setups — for example, a Galaxy S10+ starts at $999 and iPhone XS Max at $1,099 — but is it punching above its weight class too soon?

I thought so at first, but after putting the phone through its paces for nearly two weeks in  New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle, I’m wowed by how much you get for the money — something that’s nothing new for OnePlus phones.

Sure, there are some things that annoy me, like the lack of IP water and dust resistance and wireless charging. But they’re not a deal breaker. 

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