Researchers think that the way we see what’s around us can tell us something about our personalities. In this particular test, you’ll see how exactly you treat love affairs through your subconscious self. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out something you didn’t know about yourself!

We at Bright Side love tests, but please remember it’s just a game: don’t take it too seriously! If your results are spot on though, perhaps we’re not just playing around here.

1. A cat or a mouse?

2. A face or dancers?

3. A white face or a black face?

4. A dog’s head or a cat’s head?

5. A whale or a surfer?

6. A dog’s face or a dog’s leg?

7. A chicken or a face?

8. A dog or 2 cats?

9. 2 horses or a face?

10. 2 squirrels or a face?

11. Birds or a face?

12. Birds or a face?

13. A woman or a face?

14. A bird or a dog?

So, have you found out anything new about yourself? Tell us in the comments! Be sure to share this fun test with your friends and family for them to learn something about their hidden selves too!

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