Sarah Hegarty, a 26-year-old dog groomer from Perth, Australia, and her husband Aaron Shaw have their hands full raising 2 little daughters and 4 Samoyed dogs. It turns out that raising little kids and little dogs together is an extraordinary, sometimes tiresome, but all in all cheerful and enjoyable experience. This unusual family sets a good example of how to cope with everyday challenges thanks to love, care, kindness, and a great sense of humor!

Bright Side is excited to show you these adorable moments featuring the interactions between kids and dogs.

How the story began

Sarah Hegarty had been dreaming of having a Samoyed since she was a little kid and she was able to make her dream come true once she had her own home. Sarah is a professional groomer which means that apart from having her own Samoyed dogs, which are 4 now, she deals with many other dogs on a daily basis. “I am a dog groomer who specializes in big double coated breeds so most of the Perth community brings their Samoyeds to me,” says Sarah. Sarah’s dog crew started with 2 Samoyeds she and her partner welcomed to the family 5 years ago, but later on, their family grew even larger.

The family gets bigger!

Now Sarah and Aaron are raising 2 little daughters, Layla who is 1, and Ruby who is 10-months-old, together with 4 Samoyed dogs, 5-year-old Arthur and Aurora, and Shimmer and Sebastian who are 1 year old. The girls seem to have a good bond with the puppies and spend a lot of time together playing and having fun. The family’s Instagram account is full of adorable shots showing the warm connection that the girls and the puppies have. The girls would occasionally crawl into the puppies’ cage and the puppies would “teach” the girls the basics of social interaction.

The dogs taught a little girl to walk!

“Layla was born in October 2016 and Sebastian and Shimmer, who are littermates, July 30th, 2016. They’ve literally grown up together and are exceptionally close,” Sarah explained. “Layla learned to walk by holding onto the pups’ fur gently and following them around the house. She sneaks them food, they fall asleep together, read together, do almost everything together. Shimmer and Layla are always running through the house playing chase with the toys.”

No worries!

Any other parent would probably be worried about raising toddlers along with dogs, but Sarah, who is also an expert dog trainer, is sure that there’s nothing to worry about if you are a responsible parent and know the dogs’ temperaments well enough. “I never planned on having so many,” says Sarah. “Bringing a new pup into the house isn’t a problem if training and effort are put into it. We know our dogs’ temperaments and never had a worry about them.”

Love for everyone!

So what is the secret of this amazing family? Their secret is love! Sarah also helps in rescuing neglected or unwanted Samoyeds in Perth, so you can see 5 or 6 Samoyed dogs in her Instagram pics from time to time. While searching for a new home for those rescued puppies, Sarah welcomes them to her home and offers them just as much love as her own puppies are lucky to have.

There is no doubt that this big family is filled with big love! The most wonderful part of this story is probably the fact that the kids raised in such a caring and loving family will have an innate love and responsibility toward animals and nature.

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