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Teen Rides Horse 6 Miles Through Snowstorm To Reach Stranded Truck Driver Spotted On Traffic Cam


When a nasty snowstorm struck her hometown in Manitoba, Canada, 18-year-old Eileen Eagle Bears tuned into local traffic cameras set up along the slick, icy highways.

The roads were mostly cleared of drivers — until Eileen noticed a semi truck, and the driver inside, stranded on the interstate about three miles away from her house.

Eileen couldn’t help but feel for the trapped stranger and wanted to the right thing, so she made a promise to herself: if the driver was still stuck out there in the morning, she’d venture out to find him and help.

The concerned teenager saw the driver was still there in the morning.

And so, making good on her kindhearted promise, Eileen and her faithful horse, Mr. Smudge, made the three-mile trek in the middle of the storm just to find the stranded trucker.

By the time the pair found the driver, he was asleep in his truck after the cold and restless night. He couldn’t believe it when he looked outside his window and saw the teen and her horse standing there with a cup of hot coffee for him.

Not only did Eileen make that trip, but she made another promise. If the driver was still stranded that evening, she’d be back for him again and make yet another six-mile roundtrip.

Video Credit: CBC News

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