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Teen Gets Bullied After Series Of Drastic Growth Spurts, Now She Has The World’s Longest Legs


Maci Currin was only 19 inches when born, but a series of growth spurts would soon change everything for the teen from Austin, Texas.

At about 18 months old, Maci’s mom Trish realized her daughter was going to be exceptionally tall. By this point, she was already 2ft 11in, which is much bigger than the average child her age.

Maci was always a head above her peers and looked like she was at least two years older. And the taller she grew, the more severe her growing pains became.

“There were four or five years that she grew like five inches in a year, which is a lot,” Trish told Barcroft TV.

By the time she was nine Maci stood at 5ft 7in. She finally stopped growing in ninth grade, giving her a much needed reprieve from the discomfort.

Now, Maci is 16 years old. She’s 6ft 9in and her legs measure a whopping 53 inches — giving her the longest legs in the world!

Being so tall hasn’t come without its downsides. For instance, she has a difficult time traveling in planes and cars, and don’t even get her started on shopping for clothes that actually fit. She also grew up being teased and bullied over her unconventional appearance.

But these days, Maci says all the looks, stares, and comments have only made her a stronger person — especially since realizing her dream job.

Watch the video below to see what I mean.

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