Karen Family Harasses Teen Who Asked Them to Wear Masks

A teenage TikToker has gone viral after recording her altercation with not one, not two, but an entire family of anti-mask “Karens.”  Eighteen-year-old TikToker @missbayz (whose first name is Bailey, according to her Twitter) uploaded the video on Sunday night; in 12 hours, it has accumulated nearly 500,000 views. It appears that Bailey confronted the […]

Bill Gates can’t understand people who don’t wear masks: ‘What are these, like nudists?’

Like many of us, Bill Gates can’t understand why some people are opposed to wearing masks. The Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist has been involved in public health for decades and a vocal advocate for masks throughout the pandemic. The numbers don’t lie. Mask mandates have helped lower COVID-19 infection rates and studies show that if […]

Delta Airlines has been adding people to the no-fly list for refusing to wear masks

<p>The Hispanic Star campaign is rooted in a firm belief that “we don’t win until we all win,” and is viewed as both a unifying symbol and a nonpartisan, inclusive, inspirational, and unifying footing in order for Hispanics living in the United States to view themselves and help them act as a unified force for […]

Video Shows Italian Teacher Slapping Student for Refusing to Wear Mask

A recent viral video shows a teacher in Italy slapping a student who refused to wear a face mask in the classroom. The incident occurred in a southern Italian town named Teggiano in early October, Gentside reports. Students filmed the altercation between the student and teacher, later sharing the video online. The video has since […]