Trump’s Pentagon Blocked Troops From Getting to the Capitol Riots For Hours, DC National Guard Commander Said

The DC National Guard commander said he was not allowed to send troops to the Capitol, in sharp contrast to the city’s George Floyd protests last year, when troops were given immediate permission to deploy. View Entire Post › Source:

The Wall Street Journal Pronounced The Death Of Trump’s Political Career And Dumped Dirt On Its Grave: ‘He Won’t Win Another Election’

Getty Image Despite Donald Trump’s inevitable impeachment acquittal thanks to all but seven Republican Senators refusing to convict the former president for inciting the deadly assault on the Capitol building following his “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6, The Wall Street Journal has declared the end of Trump’s political career. In a damning op-ed […]

The_Donald: How Trump’s online fan community compromised our national security

Here on 2 GIRLS 1 PODCAST, we typically cover online communities that make a positive impact on the internet through their creativity or inclusivity. But not all digital watercoolers are a force for good. *First Published: Feb 15, 2021, 8:04 am Matt Silverman Matt Silverman is the director of video and producer of 2 Girls 1 Podcast at […]

‘SNL’ Weekend Update Roasted Ted Cruz’s Haircut And Talked Donald Trump’s Impeachment Acquittal

Donald Trump’s impeachment acquittal was the talk of the Internet on Saturday, so it’s no surprise that it also dominated Saturday Night Live. The show imagined how Republicans may celebrate Trump not getting convicted on a second impeachment article and later on Weekend, Update Colin Jost and Michael Che took turns getting some shots in […]