Nike VP Ann Hebert Resigned After A Story About Her Son’s Sneaker Reselling Business

Getty Image Late last week, Bloomberg ran a story on the world of sneaker reselling, focused on “West Coast Joe,” whose real name is Joe Hebert. He is among the top sneaker resellers, flipping “hundreds of thousands of dollars” worth of sneakers each month, but at the end of the story it is revealed that […]

The Atlanta Hawks Can’t Catch A Break, But Also Refuse To Help Themselves

Getty Image/Ralph Ordaz The 2020-21 season was supposed to be a breakout for the Atlanta Hawks and their third-year star, Trae Young. No team spent more in free agency than the Hawks, bolstering their wing depth with high-priced veterans like Danilo Gallinari and Bogdan Bogdanovic, and addressing their point guard depth behind Young by signing […]

A Former Thunder Employee Got Turned In To The FBI By A Coworker For Her Role In The Capitol Insurrection

Getty Image More than a month later, the FBI is still finding and arresting individuals that took part in storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 in an effort to start an insurrection and stop the certification of the 2020 election results that saw Joe Biden win handily. Among the latest is Oklahoma woman Danielle […]

Nikola Jokic’s Scoring Leap Has Made Him An MVP Candidate

Getty Image This season, four players are averaging 35 points per 100 possessions on 65 percent true shooting. Kevin Durant, an offensive virtuoso you might peg based on reputation, is there. Zach LaVine, enjoying a prolific scoring and breakout campaign, makes the cut. Zion Williamson, burgeoning as a historically dominant scorer at the rim , […]