BTS Can Avoid Mandatory Military Service After South Korea Revises One Of Its Laws

Getty Image BTS is having a phenomenal year, with two No. 1 albums and a chart-topping single in “Dynamite.” But the group has long worried that a law in their native South Korea would force its oldest member to enlist for the country’s military when he turns 28. Thankfully, that won’t happen. According to the […]

Man gets his cable bill reduced by serenading customer service with a catchy song

Do you know that guy who has never had an issue with his TV/internet provider? Neither do I. If you claim you have never had issues with your bill going up without warning, then you are either lying or you own the cable company. Jake Lawson apparently does not own a cable company, and was […]

Georgia’s Republican secretary of state is exemplifying what public service should look like

All eyes have been on Georgia since election night, as a once-red stronghold tipped blue in the presidential race—securing a solid electoral victory for Joe Biden—and resulted in two run-off elections in the U.S. Senate races. And as President Trump continues to rage against the results and insist on trying to find widespread fraud where […]

The Postal Service Are Bringing Their Live Album To Streaming Platforms For The First Time

Fans of Ben Gibbard, Jimmy Tamborello, and Jenny Lewis’ collaborative project The Postal Service are perpetually hungry for new material. The band just released one album, 2003’s Give Up, and that’s it as far as studio material. In 2014, they put out a a live album, Everything Will Change, but that was only available as […]

People Who Worked Customer Service Jobs Share the Craziest Customer Complaints They’ve Ever Gotten

Only the people who’ve had experience working in customer service truly understand what a minefield it can be. Sure, most people are reasonable and understanding. But every once in a while, you interact with a truly irrational human being, someone whose behavior can only be described by the phrase “brain worms.” And of course, those […]

Darius Rucker Honors Military Service Members in Heartfelt Post

Veteran’s Day is a federal holiday that is recognized every year on Nov. 11 to honor United States military veterans.  Hootie & the Blowfish singer Darius Rucker has been continuously vocal about his support for the Armed Forces. To honor those who have served for the United States, the singer shared a touched sentiment on […]

Over 130 Secret Service Agents Tasked With Protecting Trump Are Reportedly Infected With COVID, And People Are Pissed

Getty Image COVID-19 continues to devastate here in the U.S., with rising case numbers, short-staffed hospitals, and hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their lives to the pandemic within the past few months. Now that we seem to be entering a second wave of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to take the necessary […]

The US Postal Service Said It Can't Track 300,000 Ballots Sent In The Mail, But That Doesn't Mean They’re Lost

During an ongoing trial, Postal Service officials said the ballots weren’t being tracked so that they could be delivered more quickly. View Entire Post › Source: