Man gets his cable bill reduced by serenading customer service with a catchy song

Do you know that guy who has never had an issue with his TV/internet provider? Neither do I. If you claim you have never had issues with your bill going up without warning, then you are either lying or you own the cable company. Jake Lawson apparently does not own a cable company, and was […]

Andre 3000 Was Once Again Spotted Serenading Strangers With His Flute

Getty Image It’s not often that Outkast member Andre 3000 is in the headlines. So when he was spotted last year walking around an airport and serenading passengers with his flute, people on the internet lost it over the heartwarming story. Now, it seems as though the rapper has returned to the hobby in quarantine […]

Musician Starts Serenading The Big Cat Exhibit And Sends Lioness Into A Frenzy

Kyle Dillingham is a world-renowned fiddle player and violinist who has performed in 40 countries. He started playing the violin at nine years old. Eight years later, he was already playing shows at the Grand Ole Opry. According to his Facebook page, “He was a featured performer for the King of Malaysia, the Princess of […]