My Latest Top 10 Spotify Review…Has It Gotten Worse?

My Latest Top 10 Spotify Review…Has It Gotten Worse? After a 4 month break, I decided to check back in on the Top 10 Pop songs worldwide. BEATO EAR TRAINING → THE BEATO CLUB → BUY THE BEATO BOOK HERE → MY HELIX PRESETS → KEMPER PROFILES → SUBSCRIBE HERE → […]

Rick Ross Is Getting His Own Rap Snacks Flavor

Getty Image Rap Snacks has provided been putting the genre’s most popular faces on its bags since its formation in 1994. After the chip line was revamped and relaunched in 2016, Cardi B, Migos, Notorious B.I.G., Lil Yachty, and others received their own flavors. Now Rick Ross is joining them. Starting this summer, fans will […]

Kevin Feige’s Mystery ‘Star Wars’ Movie Will Get An Assist From An MCU And ‘Rick And Morty’ Writer

Getty Image Marvel Studio head Kevin Feige&#8217;s Star Wars movie was noticeably missing from the mountain of announcements during Disney&#8217;s Investor&#8217;s Day, which certainly delivered on its promise to massively expand the franchise, but the secretive project is still moving full steam ahead. Former <em>Rick and Morty</em> writer Michael Waldron has officially signed on to […]

I Don’t Know Rick, Looks Fake to Me

About No Lo Sé Rick, Parece Falso or I Don’t Know Rick, Looks Fake to Me refers to a reaction image macro featuring Chumlee and Rick Harrison from the reality show Pawn Stars, used to express doubt or disbelief about claims, events or headlines that seem suspicious or seem too good to be true. Origin […]

Rick Astley Rickrolled In Reddit’s Top Post Of The Year

Released earlier today, Reddit’s 2020 Year in Review announced the site’s most upvoted posts of the last 12 months. The winner: Rick Astley getting Rickrolled. Way back in June, Astley posted a backstage picture of himself from his first tour in 1989. But it wasn’t just Astley’s picture that made the post memorable, it was […]

Officially, ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ Will Lead Directly Into The Rick Grimes Movies

AMC The Walking Dead: World Beyond ended its first season last Sunday with a few twists that ultimately saved a season that started off slowly but picked up dramatically in the last few episodes. As it turns out, Annet Mahendru’s character, Huck, was a mole all along — in fact, her character’s real name is […]

YFN Lucci – Both Of Us (feat. Rick Ross & Layton Greene) [Official Video]

YFN Lucci – Both Of Us (feat. Rick Ross & Layton Greene) [Official Video] The official video for “Both Of Us (feat. Rick Ross & Layton Green)” off of “Wish Me Well 3” out now. Download it here: Connect w/ YFN Lucci: Instagram – Twitter – Facebook – Soundcloud – […]

CNBC’s Rick Santelli And Andrew Ross Sorkin Went Full WWE Over COVID Restrictions This Morning

[youtube] CNBC hosts Rick Santelli and Andrew Ross Sorkin went at it on Friday morning in a downright shouting match over COVID restrictions. Santelli, who’s known for his infamous 2009 rant that helped launch the Tea Party movement, kicked things off by launching into a fiery screed about how it’s not fair that “big […]

The Hardest Video I’ve Had To Make

The Hardest Video I’ve Had To Make This video is dedicated to my biggest musical influence Aunt Penny.

What ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ Finale Means For The Rick Grimes Movie

AMC For many viewers of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the chief reason they have been watching is to find out how the series would eventually connect to the mystery surrounding Rick Grimes. As we know, in the ninth season, Rick Grimes was medically evacuated by the CRM on The Walking Dead and taken to […]