Trump Is Reportedly Seeking Pardons For His Three Oldest Children And Jared Kushner, And People Find It All Very Fishy

Getty Image Outgoing president Donald J. Trump is in the middle of a pardon frenzy. He’s already dolled one out to convicted former staffer Michael Flynn. Joe Exotic may be next. It’s claimed Rudy Giuliani has asked for a pre-emptive one, though it’s not clear what, specifically, he’s done to break the law. (Though one […]

Joe Exotic Is Reportedly Among Those Trump Is Considering Granting A Pardon, To The Amusement (And Horror) Of Many

Netflix Donald Trump may yet to concede to Joe Biden, but he’s still in the middle of one activity favored by many outgoing presidents: pardoning friends and allies. He sure has a lot of options; a good number of former staff members and confidants have been sent to prison on federal charges, and some current […]

Rudy Giuliani Has Reportedly Discussed Getting A ‘Preemptive Pardon’ From Trump, Thereby Shielding Him From Being Charged With Crimes In The Future

Getty Image Because questionable legal moves are his bread and butter these days, Rudy Giuliani has reportedly approached Donald Trump with a request for a “preemptive pardon,” which would effectively shield him charges after the president leaves office. According to two sources for The New York Times, Giuliani floated the idea as recently as last […]

Travis Scott Is Reportedly In Talks To Create His Own PlayStation Game

Getty Image Travis Scott is proving himself a savvy entrepreneur, on top of being an award-winning musician. His collaboration with McDonald’s was so successful that his Happy Meal toy is being re-sold online for $50,000. Now, other companies, like PlayStation, are setting their sights on a partnership with the rapper — and there could be […]

Travis Scott Reportedly Made About $20 Million Working With McDonald’s

Getty Image It’s no secret that Travis Scott’s brand partnership with McDonald’s was a highly lucrative success. Not only did individual stores across the country actually run out of ingredients for Quarter Pounders, prompting the company to change the ordering process, but the sales also helped lift the fast-food giant out of a pandemic induced […]

Evan Turner Will Reportedly Retire And Join The Celtics As An Assistant Coach

Getty Image Evan Turner’s career never quite materialized as expected when he was the second overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft out of Ohio State, but he established himself as a solid role player, particularly in his years with the Celtics and Blazers, carving out a 10-year career that has apparently come to an […]

Mulatto Is Reportedly Contemplating Changing Her Name In The Near Future

Getty Image As always, this year’s XXL Freshman Class caused plenty of controversies when it was announced, from the supposed snub of Don Toliver to the inclusion of burgeoning talents some casual fans were unaware of. One of those controversies, though, revolved less around one inclusion’s talent and more around her identity — or rather, […]

Nicolas Batum Reportedly Plans To Sign With The Clippers After The Hornets Waived Him

Getty Image The Hornets will finally be moving on from Nicolas Batum, as he was officially waived by Charlotte on Sunday. It was a move that surprised no one after Charlotte signed Gordon Hayward, but signaled that they were unable to find a sign-and-trade opportunity for Batum in the deal. Batum had fallen out of […]

Jay-Z Is Reportedly Producing The Netflix Thriller ‘Forty Acres,’ Akin To Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’

Getty Image Jay-Z is cutting a deal with Netflix. The rapper is reportedly planning to be the executive producer on an upcoming Netflix thriller titled Forty Acres, a big screen adaptation of a 2014 book by Dwayne Alexander. Deadline was the first to report about the project, saying the film is still in its developing […]