Got My Repossessed F450 Back. The Full Story.

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‘Airplane Repo’ Starred Several Narrators Over the Years: Who Are They?

Season 1 of Airplane Repo premiered on Discovery Channel on Dec. 12, 2010, and it became an instant hit among fans.  The TV show chronicles a group of repossession agents who get the chance to teach a lesson to the elites and confiscate some of their most-prized belongings, such as their aircraft. Over the seasons, […]

Is ‘Airplane Repo’ Fake? It Depends on Which Episodes You’re Watching

Reality TV programs are often accused of being “fake” and the truth is, there’s always some level of pre-production and planning when it comes to these series. Whether it’s the “challenges” in The Real World, or producers stocking a house up with free booze so people can drink and act out-of-pocket on camera, creating some […]