Man gets his cable bill reduced by serenading customer service with a catchy song

Do you know that guy who has never had an issue with his TV/internet provider? Neither do I. If you claim you have never had issues with your bill going up without warning, then you are either lying or you own the cable company. Jake Lawson apparently does not own a cable company, and was […]

A horse sanctuary was reduced to ashes in a California fire, but all 20 horses miraculously survived

The wildfires that have ravaged the west coast over the past two months have burned millions of acres, claimed over 30 lives, and forced thousands to live in evacuation shelters. The fires have also caused unimaginable damage to the area’s wildlife. Critical populations of endangered species and native habitats may take years to recover. “Some […]

Report: NBA Players Who Leave The Bubble League Without Permission Will Have ‘Reduced Compensation’

Getty Image One of the questions that still exists about the NBA’s proposed bubble league in Orlando is the ability that those on the inside will have to leave. While there have been reports that individuals can move freely within the bubble and do things like golf and dine at Disney properties, staying confined to […]