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William Shakespeare Got The COVID vaccine—And The Puns And Memes Came Fast

In a new viral video on Twitter, an Englishman named, ahem, William Shakespeare received a COVID-19 vaccine shot. The Warwickshire native (the same county as the famous bard) was one of the first patients to get the newly approved coronavirus vaccine outside a clinical trial. *First Published: Dec 8, 2020, 11:05 am Kahron Spearman Kahron Spearman is …

Get it? Cuz a kilometre is 0.621 miles? | Kilometers Morales / Miles Morales Name Puns

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Kilometers Morales / Miles Morales Name Puns

About Kilometers Morales refers to a series of memes featuring Miles Morales Name Puns in which the Spider-Man spin-off character Miles Morales has his name reimagined as different measurements of distance used around the world, due to his first name being a homophone for the measurement “miles.” The most widespread variant of these puns is …