20 Memes From A Week That Lost Us Daft Punk But Gave Us Sinnoh Remakes

The major memes this week had to do with several surprising stories from pop culture. First, Daft Punk broke up, marking a major blow for all music fans who memorialized the group in a series of memes. The other was that after eight years, Sinnoh was confirmed by The Pokémon Company, meaning the long-awaited remakes […]

Indiecast Mourns The Loss Of Daft Punk And Digs Into New Albums From Julien Baker And Cloud Nothings

Getty Image/Ralph Ordaz With the consistent haze of winter slowly fading into the rearview, 2021 is finally starting to kick it into high gear on the new music front. This week, Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen are digging into new releases from Julien Baker and Cloud Nothings, but not before taking a moment to eulogize […]