The Meaning of Flicking Your Hat on Tiktok Is Pretty Straightforward

As far as TikTok trends go, flicking the brim of your hat is pretty tame. There are trends like filing your teeth with a nail file to improve your smile and the Benadryl Challenge, which entails taking more than a dozen Benadryl to have hallucinations, that are clearly harmful to your body. Unfortunately, dangerous TikTok […]

Michael C. Hall Thinks The ‘Dexter’ Revival Will Make Up For The ‘Pretty Unsatisfying’ Finale

SHOWTIME It may no longer be the go-to punchline for bad series finales (congrats to <em>Game of Thrones</em>), but the final episode of <em>Dexter</em> is a notorious stinker. Airing on September 22, 2013, &#8220;Remember the Monsters?&#8221; was a &#8220;flabby, flaccid, manipulative, horrible cop out of an ending,&#8221; with serial killer Dexter Morgan, played by Michael […]

Who Killed Ramon in ‘Tiny Pretty Things’? Details on That Ending

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Season 1 of Tiny Pretty Things. Netflix‘s latest addictive young adult drama is Tiny Pretty Things, which centers around dancers at an elite Chicago ballet school. While the students have already beaten the odds to secure spots in the competitive program, they’re often still in conflict with each other because they’ll […]