Greta Thunberg Takes One Last Dig At Trump As His Presidency Ends

Greta Thunberg, the teenage climate activist, took one final dig at President Donald Trump as his presidency reached its final hours. Advertisement Hide — Marieke Nijkamp (@mariekeyn) January 20, 2021 It's early but this is a good contender for tweet of the day. — Rachel Wearmouth (@REWearmouth) January 20, 2021 Advertisement Hide *First Published: […]

Kellyanne Conway Said People Are ‘Better Off’ After The Trump Presidency, And People Lost It

Getty Image Kellyanne Conway retired from the Trump administration back in August, and though she’s done things like admit he lost the 2020 election, she’s continued to be one of his cheerleaders. Less than a week before his presidency ends — and just over a week after a violent attempted coup at the nation’s Capitol […]

The far-right hopes to destroy Joe Biden’s presidency with his own slogan

For more than a decade, politicians across the globe have echoed a familiar promise when surveying landscapes battered by storms, scorched by fires, or inundated by tsunamis—that these communities won’t just build back, they’ll “build back better.”  It became something of a standby, a soundbite-friendly addition to any speech referencing an area struck by disaster. […]

The Capitol Insurrection Was The End Result Of A Trump Presidency Defined By Violence

Crimes fueled by hate and online conspiracy theories over the past four years repeatedly offered warnings of the forces that drove last week’s attack on the US Capitol. View Entire Post › Source:

Trump Is Mad That Magazines Didn’t Put Melania On Their Covers During His Presidency

Getty Image In one sense, it might seem odd that Melania Trump, a former model, has not been a fixture of magazine covers over the last four years. But in other ways, it’s not surprising: Her husband has been a relentless source of controversy, and Melania, while often quiet or lurking behind the scenes, has […]

‘SNL’ Weekend Update Bid Farewell To A Trump Presidency With A Montage Of His Most Ridiculous Moments

[youtube] The Weekend Update segment on Saturday Night Live is extremely tied to American politics and the news of the week that was, which is why the final show of 2020 had to acknowledge the dying days of a Donald Trump presidency. Saturday’s episode is also apparently the last that will tape while Trump […]