Fans Of MF DOOM Are Not Happy That The Late Rapper Was Included On Joe Biden’s Inauguration Playlist

Almost a month has passed since news broke about the death of legendary rapper MF DOOM, whose passing in October wasn’t revealed until New Year’s Eve. Since then there’s been an outpouring of memoriams and celebrations, but a number of his fans are not too happy with how President-Elect Joe Biden aimed to honor him: […]

Joe Biden And Kamala Harris’s Sprawling Inauguration Playlist Was Curated By Issa Rae’s Record Label

Getty Image Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s inauguration will be one of the most hopeful days many of us have had in a long time. To acknowledge the optimistic outlook of their first term, the president and vice president-elect have commissioned a sprawling inauguration day playlist full of hopeful songs from across seemingly every genre […]

My Latest Top 10 Spotify Review…Has It Gotten Worse?

My Latest Top 10 Spotify Review…Has It Gotten Worse? After a 4 month break, I decided to check back in on the Top 10 Pop songs worldwide. BEATO EAR TRAINING → THE BEATO CLUB → BUY THE BEATO BOOK HERE → MY HELIX PRESETS → KEMPER PROFILES → SUBSCRIBE HERE → […]

What’s On Tonight: ‘Prodigal Son’ Makes A Bonkers Return, And ‘Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Gets Distracted

FOX <strong><em>Prodigal Son</em></strong> (FOX, 9:00pm) &#8212; Michael Sheen and and Tom Payne return in this super-weird procedural with Bright&#8217;s personal life in a shambles. Meanwhile, Malcolm&#8217;s taking on a new case, and look for Catherine Zeta-Jones to join the cast and really shake things up. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (NBC, 8:00pm) — Zoe’s endlessly distracted, not […]

Why Did Lauren Graham Leave ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’? You Can Blame COVID-19

If you watched the Season 2 premiere of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist last night, you probably found yourself grieving for one of the show’s best characters, Joan (Zoey’s boss). Joan, who’s played by Lauren Graham, is leaving because she’s learned she has to move to Singapore in order to take charge of the Asian division of […]

What Happened to the Dad on ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’? Here’s How Mitch Passes Away

Our lives are getting a little brighter as of tonight, because Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is back for Season 2! The Season 1 finale aired back in May, so let’s catch you up really quick: Zoey finds out Max was fired, but later learns he gets his job back. After telling him, Max reveals he doesn’t […]

A Christmas Playlist For When You’re Sick Of Hearing The Same Old Songs Every Year

You’ve heard the same exact holiday songs every single year since you were a child. Although they’re classics and are going to give you sweet nostalgia, they can get old quickly. They can make you feel more like a grinch than anything else. If you’re sick of listening to the same songs your grandparents once […]

Jay-Z’s 2020 Year-End Playlist Includes Drake, Nas, Pop Smoke, And More

Getty Image As basically the biggest name in hip-hop for almost three decades, Jay-Z’s annual year-end playlist on Tidal is one of music fans’ most-anticipated traditions. He even dropped a mid-year list this summer, driven by the energy of nationwide uprising. Due to his status as one of the rare rap elder statesmen who never […]