How Many Kids Does News Correspondent Kate Snow Have? Details Inside

Sometimes things happen in life that can’t be explained. And when it comes to the topic of women’s health, miscarriages are at the top of that list. Planned Parenthood explains that while miscarriage usually happens early in pregnancy — eight out of 10 miscarriages happen in the first three months — the cause can be […]

Who Is Claire Miller, the TikTok Girl Who Killed Her Sister?

One regular TikTok user is facing criminal charges after she allegedly stabbed her older sister. Claire Miller is 14 and lives in Pennsylvania. She was arrested after she called authorities on Feb. 22 and confessed to killing her 19-year-old sister. Helen, the older sister, had cerebral palsy and apparently died from a stab wound to […]

Waiting Rooms (And Other Public Spaces) Should Ban Cable News And Put Food Network Or HGTV On Their TVs Instead

Are you the receptionist in a doctor’s office? Or a doctor? Or really anyone in your particular place of business who has the authority to make decisions about the television in your waiting room without getting reprimanded and/or fired? If you are, I need you to do me a favor. I’ll lay it out in […]

‘Better Call Saul’ Finally Sees Some Good News On The Final Season Front

AMC There were 500 days in between seasons four and five of Better Call Saul, so fans of the series are used to waiting a while between seasons. That’s good because they will almost certainly have to wait even longer between the fifth and the final season. The last episode aired in April 2020, and […]