Everything is Changing and I Have Thoughts

Everything is Changing and I Have Thoughts A discussion on the state of film. With Warner Bros. recently announcing that their entire 2021 slate will premiere on HBO Max as well as theaters on the same day, “the death of cinema” is once again a topic of discussion. Let’s talk about the benefits and drawbacks […]

Gamers Freaked Out About Oscar Issac Leading The ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Movie

YouTube These days, it seems like every major gaming franchise is headed into production on a movie or TV show, and Metal Gear Solid is officially the latest case. Word broke on Friday that Star Wars alum Oscar Issac will add a Metal Gear movie to his busy schedule, taking the role of Solid Snake […]

Weekend Preview: Bryan Cranston Breaks Bad Again, And ‘Big Mouth’ And ‘Shameless’ Are Back, Baby

Showtime Your Honor (Sunday, Showtime 10:00 p.m.) — Bryan Cranston’s intense (although uneven) limited series faces inevitable comparisons to Breaking Bad, and for sure, Cranston’s character executes his most Walter White-like maneuvers since Heisenberg left the building with AMC’s 2013 “Felina” finale. Some The Wire vibes and Defending Jacob vibes resonate throughout as well, and […]

Oscar Issac Reportedly Landed The Role Of Solid Snake In The ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Movie

Getty Image Oscar Issac has been extremely busy lately, but apparently he’s adding video game espionage to his to-do list. The Star Wars actor is slated to infiltrate your TV thanks to HBO Max snagging Dune, but according to reports he’s interested in helming a legendary video game franchise as well. As reported by Deadline, […]

Superhero Pedro Pascal Is Captured By Alien Invaders In Netflix’s Kid-Friendly ‘We Can Be Heroes’ Trailer

My favorite part of The Mandalorian every week (besides the Baby Yoda reaction shots) is when the credits roll and we learn who directed the episode. You never know who it’s going to be! The season two premiere was directed by showrunner Jon Favreau, which makes sense, but then we have Peyton Reed, Bryce Dallas […]

Why The Warner Bros. Decision To Put Their 2021 Titles On HBO Max Makes Sense

Warner Bros. On Thursday, Warner Bros. announced that their entire 2021 slate of films, which includes The Suicide Squad, Dune, Matrix 4 and a whole host of other films, will be premiering on HBO Max for a 30-day window, alongside a traditional domestic release (or as traditional as this can be right now considering the […]

The Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ Show Is Apparently Filming In Boston And Lots Of People Made Accent Jokes

The Star Wars show everyone is talking about these days is The Mandalorian, but more are on the way and are being shot despite the still-ongoing coronavirus pandemic. One of those is the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi TV show, with Ewan McGregor apparently reprising his Episode I-III role as the Jedi Master on Disney+. Casting information […]

What’s On Tonight: HBO Max Unleashes Early ‘Euphoria’ And ‘Heaven’s Gate: The Cult Of Cults’

HBO Euphoria Part 1: Rue (HBO Max early sneak peek) — Need a little Zendaya to tide you over before the show returns (at an undetermined date) for Season 2? The Emmy award winner returns for the first of two special episodes. This one officially lands on HBO on Sunday, but you can catch it […]