Judge Denies Request To Block California Net Neutrality Law

A federal judge denied a request by groups representing internet service providers (ISPs) on Tuesday to issue a preliminary injunction against California’s net neutrality law. *First Published: Feb 23, 2021, 6:55 pm Andrew Wyrich Andrew Wyrich is the deputy tech editor at the Daily Dot. Andrew has written for USA Today, NorthJersey.com, and other newspapers […]

Got My Repossessed F450 Back. The Full Story.

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Trump And Giuliani Are Being Sued By The NAACP For Violating A Law Involving The Ku Klux Klan

Getty Image Former president Donald J. Trump seems to be trying to inch his way back into the public eye. After being acquitted by the Senate for inciting the failed MAGA coup, he turned around and released a wild statement in which he blasted the person he helped save him from conviction — Mitch McConnell […]

Post Malone And Ozzy Osbourne Flee From The Law In Their Animated ‘It’s A Raid’ Video

Post Malone and Ozzy Osbourne’s first-ever collaboration came in the form of their 2019 track, “Take What You Want,” which appeared on the former’s Hollywood’s Bleeding album. Their second would arrive in 2020 with “It’s A Raid,” and more than a year after its release, the duo returns with a new video for the track. […]