Got My Repossessed F450 Back. The Full Story.

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Illegal Streaming Could Be A Felony Offense Thanks To The COVID-19 Relief Bill

Getty Image Nine months after the first pandemic lockdowns began across the US, Congress is finally voting on a second relief bill. Most of the negative attention has gone towards the modest $600 stimulus checks, which got Nancy Pelosi slammed online after she called it “significant.” But because the bill is thousands of pages, there […]

The Stimulus Bill Reportedly Includes Language That Could Make Illegal Streaming A Felony

Getty Image Congress finally passing a coronavirus stimulus bill is good news for the millions of Americans who have endured a difficult year of economic struggles and unemployment. But as is often the case with political dealings and life in 2020, there are plenty of other weird things that were included in the omnibus bill […]

Food Theory: Is Your Cake ILLEGAL?

Food Theory: Is Your Cake ILLEGAL? Set your reminder for our Dec. 1st St. Jude Charity Livestream ►   Become a Food Theorist! ►► Cake decorating is an art. It takes HOURS for people to decorate a cake. I mean, I can’t be the only person to sit down for one How To Cake […]